The Association's Mission

have created this Association to honor and preserve the history and memory of the USS Inchon, it's Naval Crews and embarked Marines; to foster and strengthen the fraternal, civic and patriotic ties among shipmates; to memorialize departed Shipmates who served in USS Inchon; to render support to appropriate qualified historical, educational, patriotic, or charitable organizations; and to maintain liaison with the Department of the Navy.


We the Ship's Crew and embarked Marines 

Eligiliblty for Membership

Regular Member - Any person having served on board a commissioned USS Inchon shall be designated a Regular Member of the Association.  Regular Members enjoy all rights and privileges on termination of such duty.  There are currently no dues to become a Regular Member.

Honorary Membership - Any person who is not eligible to be a Regular Member , but who has made a significant contribution to the Association, may be designated an Honorary Member upon recommendation of the Executive Committee and approval by the Regular Membership. Honorary Members will enjoy all rights and privileges of Regular Members

Associate Membership Any person who has not served in a USS Inchon but has close ties or kinship to a ship of that name or this Association is eligible to be an Associate Member by application to the Secretary, recommendation of the Executive Committee, and approval by the Regular Membership. Associate Members will enjoy all of the rights and privileges of Regular Members with the exception of voting privileges, holding office, and serving on committees.

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